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Father’s Day

Handcrafted Wooden Father's Day Jigsaw Puzzles

If there's anyone who can appreciate the fine craftsmanship of our handmade wooden jigsaw puzzles, it's dad. That's why they're some of the best Father's Day gifts you'll find anywhere, sure to stand apart and be cherished. Each one is individually handcrafted piece by piece, creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind gifts for dad.

Some of our puzzles may showcase some of dad's favorite interests, whether it's a day spent fishing or golfing, at a sports game or simply spending time with his children and family. There are dozens of different selections for you to choose between, so there's sure to be at least one which is a perfect match. 

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  • Our puzzles are handcrafted one piece at a time and delivery times will vary.
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Cabin In The Foothills

  • prices start at $1,256.00

Fish Tales At Beaver Camp

  • prices start at $1,256.00

Bait Shop

  • prices start at $1,256.00

You're Bearific!

  • full price: $345.00
  • web price: $345.00

Canoe Camp Buffalo

  • prices start at $1,256.00

Bear Greets Magpie

  • prices start at $1,256.00

April 11, 2011

  • prices start at $1,256.00

Gone Fishin’

  • prices start at $1,256.00

Batter Up

  • full price: $725.00
  • web price: $653.00

Hang Time

  • full price: $745.00
  • web price: $671.00

Greatest Hits!

  • full price: $695.00
  • web price: $626.00

Fishing Tips From The Pro's

  • full price: $475.00
  • web price: $428.00