Personalize Your Puzzle

Making Your Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle Uniquely Yours

The added zest in a Stave puzzle is the personalization. Our highly skilled jigsaw crafters will cut the Traditional image you have chosen so it springs to life as you assemble it, and we will fill it with charming, clever, and elegant silhouettes according to your wishes. We can cut almost any shape, name or message into your custom jigsaw puzzle.

This is your opportunity to be creative! People have used our personalized jigsaw puzzles to propose marriage, commemorate a lifetime of achievement, or simply say, "This is my puzzle" by filling it with silhouettes that are meaningful to them. Rule of thumb: the larger the puzzle, the more room for silhouettes.

Popular Choices for Silhouettes Includes:

Names/Initials - the equivalent of monogramming your puzzle.

Year - especially meaningful for the annual Christmas or birthday puzzle. Make it a tradition!

Pets - from Bichons to toucans to mutts from the pound, we'll design your special critter as a puzzle piece.

Activities - think about what that person enjoys, like scuba diving, gardening, sports cars, boats, golfing, etc. Often it's better to portray a person in action such as a female golfer than an object, the golf club.

Places - some state and country shapes can be effective like Florida or Texas, or their landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, and Big Ben.

Symbols/Logos - think the bull or bear, company logos, etc.

A Traditional Puzzle With Personalization

Here's How It Works:
1. Browse images available for your personalized Traditional puzzle.
2. Choose a size and price.
3. Specify your choice of names, dates, and special silhouette shapes.
4. We'll ship the puzzle to you within 3-6 weeks. (In a rush? Give us a call.)

It's that easy!

We have over thousands of images available to create your personalized Traditional jigsaw puzzle. You can browse them here in our online store, and as you add the puzzle to your basket, you can tell us what shapes, names, and other silhouettes to have in the puzzle. Rule of thumb: you can request approximately five custom pieces for every 100 pieces in the puzzle.

Traditional Puzzles with Digital Changes

Sometimes, simple and imaginative changes can be made to the puzzle image to make it personal to your family. Many of the images we offer as Traditional jigsaw puzzles have signs or shops that might be able to be renamed for your family members. We've digitally carved initials into a tree, written on the side of a barn, and changed names on storefront windows. If you can dream it, chances are we can do it. Call 802-295-5200 or email with your ideas.

Artistically-Lettered Personalization

Some Stave designs (Teasers, Tricks, TroubleMakers, Treats) allow room for us to artistically letter a name or date on the puzzle surface. These include shop signs, trains, banners and other fun places.