Visit the Stave Workshop

We welcome visiting puzzle enthusiasts to our workshop. You’ll enjoy our elegantly appointed spacious showroom – ummm, wait a minute – let’s scratch that. It’s actually kind of small and filled to the brim with puzzles, but it’s fun to see and explore. We’ll give you a personal tour explaining the different types of puzzles we make and show you all the steps in the process (except the part that involves magic).

We’re tucked in the woods of a small Vermont town located in the Dartmouth College region, just a few short hours north of Boston, MA. The best time to visit is Monday through Friday. Give us a call in advance and we would be glad to guide you to your puzzling destination.

Personal tours are available.
Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

These hours may be affected by Federal Holidays.

Finding Stave Puzzles

Our Physical Address:
163 Olcott Drive
White River Junction, Vermont 05001

1.25 hour drive from Burlington, VT
2.5 hour drive from Boston, MA
5.5 hour drive from New York, NY