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"How a tiny manufacturer of wooden jigsaw puzzles created an addiction that high achievers just can’t kick"

17 FEB 2020

10 High-End Jigsaw Puzzles to Give You a Much-Needed Break From Your Screens

23 MAR 2020

"The puzzle maker from Vermont, not far from the border with Canada, boasts of making the most difficult models in the world… but also the most expensive. The small company of 25 employees counts among its loyal fans Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos… and the Queen of England."

Les Echos
1 OCT 2020

The World's Best Jigsaw Puzzles

10 MAY 2011

Pleasantly Tormented by a Puzzle with Steve Richardson

Meet the puzzle company that conjures ''sadomasochistic'' thrills for Bill and Melinda Gates.

1 JUN 2002
"Does your life lack frustration? Join the likes of Bill Gates and Tom Peters and buy one of the toughest jigsaw puzzles ever made."

FEB 1998

"Steve Richardson calls himself the Chief Tormentor of Stave Puzzles. He is, in fact, the president — and the designer of the company's fiercely difficult jigsaw puzzles."

WIRED Magazine
20 APR 2009

"The 'Rolls-Royce of puzzles' drives its fans round the bend"

Smithsonian Magazine
MAY 1990

"Inside the confines of one White River Junction building, sits a world of puzzling possibilities..."

23 May 2022

"There’s one of the chapters I go to, this crazy company in Vermont that makes hand-carved wooden puzzles..." – A.J. Jacobs

The Tim Ferriss Show
22 APRIL 2022

Piece by piece, this Vermont company built a pandemic-proof business in $1,000 jigsaw puzzles

22 SEPT 2020

"There are jigsaw puzzle nights at coffee shops and libraries. Puzzle groups and puzzle games online. Hand-cut wooden puzzles that cost thousands of dollars."

Concord Monitor
18 FEB 2020

The One Item Bill Gates Almost Always Brings Along When Going On Vacation

22 FEB 2018

"At Stave Puzzles, they take great pride in their perplexing puzzles."

Chronicle - Watch
10 JUL 2017

How an entrepreneur's beguiling jigsaw creations won a cult following.

Departures Magazine
MAR/APR 2008

"The designers and woodcrafters at Stave Puzzles Inc. can be devious, often taking behind-the-scenes pleasure in driving their customers to distraction. Surprisingly, the customers would have it no other way."

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
10 MAY 2020

In Vermont, Stave Puzzles created to confound

14 SEPT 2013

“I have a unique relationship with my customers,” says Steve Richardson, president of Stave Puzzles in Norwich, Vermont. “They pay me to torture them.”

Reader's Digest
13 FEB 2017

1991 Product of the Year

It's Time To Break Out The Toys!

$40,000 For Solving A Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle?

"Steve Richardson, a designer of wooden jigsaw puzzles, says he has a sadomasochistic relationship with his customers, who pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to indulge in the tortures that he devises."

Robb Report
11 NOV 2006

"Once You Open This Box, There's No Turning Back ... "

USAir Magazine
MAY 1992

“It takes a certain type of person to put a maddeningly difficult puzzle together, and . . . It takes a particularly diabolical type of person to create one.”

Made in the Upper Valley: Stave Puzzles

22 JAN 2019

Why Some People Pay $8,000 For This Guy’s Puzzles

09 JUN 2016

"Not only are there costumes and clues involved, but guests will also have to solve Stave Puzzles (knowing for making some of the world’s most expensive puzzles) to figure out who committed the crime."

27 FEB 2018

"The scene: a swanky London mansion. A gala party in full swing suddenly becomes a multiple crime scene, and the authorities swoop in. It’s up to you to help them crack each case and nab the perps."

Cigar Aficionado
JUL 2010

"Puzzle maker Steve Richardson is that rare inventor who succeeds by intentionally frustrating his best customers."

Psychology Today
NOV 2013


2000 Guinness World Records names Stave Puzzles "Most Valuable Jigsaw Puzzle"

2003 Steve Richardson receives the first Spilsbury Award, at Association of Game and Puzzle Collector's 17th annual convention.