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Why do hundreds of people consider our founder, Steve Richardson, to be their Chief Tormentor?
It's because Steve has invented many new jigsaw puzzle genres exclusive to Stave - Tricks, Teasers, and Troublemakers. Since 1974, Steve and his cohorts have been the masterminds behind the most beautiful, most inventive, and without question, most challenging jigsaw puzzles to be found in the world today—the famous Stave puzzles.


Hundreds of people have willingly subjected themselves to his devilish designs and, we here at Stave Puzzles, are eager to learn of their misery and to hear their cries of frustration (which only fuels our fire). Does this sound like all fun and games?
Well, yes, it is, all that and more! 



The Blue Box Experience!

For almost 50 years – our commitment to family fun and devotion to puzzle making has transformed the idea of the jigsaw puzzle from a very simple diversion into a highly expressive wooden art form. Stave puzzles are collected and treasured around the world as unique and precious heirlooms. Using lots of imagination and a little magic, we handcraft each puzzle - piece by piece. Open the lid of our infamous blue box and experience the aroma of the wood. Spill the pieces onto the table and admire the cleverly crafted silhouette pieces, then hear the click as each piece successfully fits into place.

The wit and mischief of Stave inspires letters, calls, gifts, bribes, and pranks way beyond what you would expect from a normal business. Puzzlers feel free to rant and rave, sing praises, sling insults, beg for more torture, and generally have fits of pain and ecstasy knowing that equally outrageous acts will be the stave response.