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Join The Circus!

Stave Puzzles: Join The Circus!
Size: 8" diameter
50 Pieces
Artist: Molly Delaney
Full Price: $575.00
Web Price: $489.00
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Join The Circus!
a NEW Style Teaser....Stave Touzzles!

Stave Puzzles introduces Touzzles, a new style in Teaser puzzling. We’ve removed the framework of the typical Teaser design, giving no clues as to which piece interlocks with another. How do you make order out of chaos? Begin with a tangled cluster of Teaser pieces and puzzle your way through the tousled mass until you can arrange them into a neat and orderly display.

In Join The Circus, your challenge is to connect all the circus performers together to form a continuous ring. Don’t expect much help from the clowns, they think this is all fun and games. The circus tent takes center stage when you succeed.


You’ll be wowed, you’ll be amazed, you’ll be Touzzled! The fun at this circus isn’t contained in a tent—think outside the box! Your challenge is to gather these circus performers around the 3-dimensional circus tent in the center. With no frame to encompass the Teaser pieces, this inside-out puzzle becomes total chaos. Are you a ringmaster or will these tousled pieces have you whirling like a trapeze artist.


Made To Order: Our current crafting schedule is 10-12 weeks for delivery.