Replacement Pieces

Oh No! A Piece is Missing!

If a piece falls off the side of the boat, or your pet gets its paws on one, we can craft a replacement piece for you. Sometimes your missing piece is not missing at all. Here’s some things you should do before sending your puzzle back to Stave.

1. Drop to your knees and look around your puzzling area, sometimes pieces can be disguised in your carpet.
2. Separate all the hoses of your vacuum and check its bag to make sure it didn’t get sucked up on cleaning day.
3. Turn all your pockets inside out, and check your fellow puzzler's pockets - one of you may have forgotten you were holding that last piece (you sneaky little devil, you!).
4. Retrace your steps, sometimes a piece gets left near the wine rack or fridge.
5. Shake out your bed sheets, no this is not a joke, this has actually happened.

Still Can't Locate that Missing Piece?

For best results, please send back your entire puzzle to us at Stave and we'll work our magic. We need your puzzle separated into large chunks for easy re-assembly. Our puzzles are unique and one-of-a-kind and while we strive for the best quality, it may be challenging to create a perfect match of wood grains, colors, etc. Due to the difficult nature of this process a fee of $125 per replacement piece will be charged. When returning your puzzle please be sure to include your contact information.

Please send your entire puzzle to:
USPS: PO Box 329, Norwich, Vermont 05055
UPS or FedEx: 163 Olcott Drive, White River Junction, Vermont 05001

Stave puts lots of love into each piece we craft. With replacement pieces, our highly trained re-crafters take extra care to ensure your new piece "fits" as closely to the original as possible by focusing on the puzzle's image color and paper, wood thickness, and grain direction.