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Customized Puzzles with Endless Possibilities from Stave

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photo collage puzzle There are lots of possibilities for enhancing your photographs as a custom puzzle. Some photos suggest irregular edges while others are perfect for an added frame. Send us a collection of photos or other memorabilia and our graphic artists and puzzle designers will blend them into a unique puzzle concept for you.

custom silhouette puzzle piecesThen you can add silhouette pieces that we'll craft into the puzzle. These can be names and dates or special pieces that reflect the puzzler's interests, hobbies, family, pets, favorite places, and activities. You can learn more about personalization here.

Custom Jigsaw Puzzles From Photos, Collages and Customized Stave Artwork

Here's How It Works

  1. Gather your photos, cards, digital images or other special memorabilia.
  2. Imagine what personal silhouettes (names, dates, special shapes) you'll want crafted into the puzzle.
  3. To start the collaboration process on your special project call 802-295-5200, email info@stave.com or click the link below to use our online form.
  4. We’ll guide you through the remaining steps to make your dream puzzle come to life.
Its that easy!

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Using just one or several, there are many ways to turn your photographs into a custom wooden jigsaw puzzle and we're ready to work with you to create the perfect design. Think outside the box! We've done collages using much more than photos — theater tickets, currency, wine labels, brochures, maps, invitations. . . we've even scanned real heather to surround a castle. Sometimes the project calls for original painted artwork. We commission artists to create an original painting working from your photographs and their imaginations to create a scene with the elements you want to see and the colors and edge style that will make a great puzzle for you. The possibilities are endless!

How much does a custom wooden puzzle cost?

Custom puzzles from photos, photo collages or custom artwork can be created in sizes from 100 to 1000 pieces and are priced in line with our Traditional puzzles. Photo puzzles have an additional minimal graphics fee applied. Photo collages and puzzles created from multiple photos or custom artwork are available in the same sizes and same pricing with an additional graphic design fee that depends on the time that is involved in the design.

You can view our current prices here.

To start the collaboration process on your custom puzzle project call 802-295-5200, email info@stave.com or use our online form.

Custom Puzzle Request Form

Below are a few past Stave Customized Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

Customized Photo Collage Puzzle
customized photo puzzle frame

The recipient's initials, birthday balloons, and personal silhouette pieces make this a one-of-a-kind gift. We'll work with you every step of the way!

Original Art From Your Photos
stave puzzles original art

We work closely with Stave artists to create colorful and fun original artwork based on your photos.

Custom Commemorative Puzzle
custom puzzle from invitations and memorabilia

We’ll artfully blend together invitations, cards, photos, and other memorabilia to create a puzzle masterpiece.

Corporate Puzzles
stave corporate gifts

Makes a perfect corporate gift — personalized, crafted by hand, and with a touch of luxury.

Marriage Proposal Puzzle
stave propose marriage puzzle

Looking for a unique way to propose marriage? We'll help you put all the pieces together. Pop the big question,
Stave style!

Puzzle from a Single Photo
stave puzzle from photograph

We can be as mild or wild as you like, even with one photograph!

Original Art Combined With Photos
custom original art photo puzzle

Some projects require photos and specially created artwork.

Handpainted Photo Frames
pet photo frame puzzle

Your favorite photo becomes even more special with these nifty frames.

Family Tree Puzzles From Your Photos

For the family, the gift of a Stave puzzle spans generations and offers a refreshing experience in today's busy world. Send us your photos and we will reproduce them to create your own family tree puzzle. Each family tree is available in two sizes - 250 pieces holds up to 15 photos and 500 pieces holds up to 28 photos.

Orchard Family Tree Puzzle
family tree puzzle apple orchard

Bring your family together while they puzzle this fruitful summer family tree.

Woodlands Family Tree Puzzle
family tree puzzle in the woods

With these vibrant hues, you'll feel like your family spent a week in Vermont during foliage season.

Christmas Family Tree Puzzle
family tree puzzle for Christmas

It's Christmas, train and all!

To start the collaboration process on your custom puzzle project call 802-295-5200, email info@stave.com or use our online form.