Lobster Lubbers

Trick Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

70 Pieces

Size : 7" x 8"

View Puzzle Tricks Rating - 4 out of 5

Looking for a fun, challenging, and exciting adventure? The Lobster Lubbers wooden Trick™ jigsaw puzzle offers an unforgettable journey of exploration. Follow the cheerful couple as they navigate their boat across the ocean in search of lobsters. See all the marine life below the surface, including vibrant fish, aquatic plants, and lobsters swimming in the water below. Catch glimpses of colorful buoys scattered across the surface and lobster traps placed on the bottom of the ocean floor. Get ready for hours of puzzling fun as you try to get the four Trick lobster sections to fit into the center. Looking for even more fun? Purchase all three puzzles from the Maritime Madness Collection and rearrange the lobster sections to fit into Marlin Mischief, Whale Watch, and Lobster Lubbers to have nine different solutions.

Buy all three puzzles and have nine different solutions!

Trick™ puzzles are a diabolically difficult genre invented by Stave's Chief Tormentor and Founder, Steve Richardson, in which some pieces will fit in more than one place. Think about it. A puzzle like this will have multiple ways of fitting together - but only one correct solution.

• Rated with orange lightning bolts, one through five for diffculty so you can gauge how much trouble you're getting yourself into.

Incorrect solution shown here. A hint will cost you a phone call or email. A bribe of M&M's is always welcome (wink).

• All puzzles crafted from 1/4" thick, five-layer, cherry-backed wood custom-made for Stave Puzzles.

• Stave wooden jigsaw puzzles have been handmade in their small workshop located in the heart of Vermont, USA since 1974. Crafted by highly-skilled artisans to be a luxury, heirloom-quality product designed to last generations.

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Made-To-Order: This wooden jigsaw puzzle needs to be handcrafted by a skilled Stave artisan. Made to order puzzles may take 3-6 weeks to ship.

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Artist: Candy Thun

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Designer: Steve Richardson