Stave PuzzleNuts Community

Introducing the Stave PuzzleNuts Community at


We have a good customer who is fluent in how to set up community web sites and she suggested that Stave Puzzles have one… a community web site…. and she offered to help us launch it, which we did this past Monday. As I type this we already have 72 members… in just 3 days… WOW! so it’s off to the races.

We are designing this Stave community on the fly so please be patient, particularly since we are starting this during our busiest time of year, the holiday season…. AND we still are in overdrive because of the tremendous response we’ve had from being featured on CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood April 1st.

We plan to add all sorts of bells and whistles as we go along. In fact, if you have any ideas please let us know because this is what it’s all about… sharing ideas within this wild and crazy puzzle community.
Sign Up and come along for the ride!

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