Making Up for Lost Time

Making Up for Lost Time

Would you believe that most of the people in the photo above were complete strangers just a few days before this picture was taken? It’s the truth!

Paula and I trekked down to San Antonio in mid-February to host a puzzling weekend at Hotel Emma. This was our first visit to San Antonio and Hotel Emma so we were a little unsure about how it would go. As you can see, everyone had a blast!

Hotel Emma was a wonderful place to host our event and they were extremely accommodating to our puzzling needs. They provided the perfect room for puzzling with lots of space and great lighting, amazing snacks and drinks, and comfy chairs for enjoying a long weekend of puzzling.

As for that photo, I don’t know if it was because everyone has been cooped up for the past couple of years, the stars were aligned just right, or because some of us may have had too much wine. Whatever the reason, when someone suggested we take the group picture in our Hotel Emma bathrobes, we were all in!

Home on the Range

In April, we ventured west for our 6th visit to Triple Creek Ranch in Montana. We spend our time puzzling in The Ponderosa  and it really feels like home after so many years. The room was filled with several Stave “groupies” and some new faces, too. Stave puzzlers tend to be a very friendly group, as you may have guessed, so everyone fit into our puzzle nicely.

You should make plans to join us at one of our puzzling events. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming alone or bringing someone who isn’t a puzzler. Everyone is made to feel welcome, there are plenty of things to do in addition to the puzzling and we all know that life is too short not to have fun every chance we get. So add one of our events to your Bucket List and come puzzle with us!

Visit the Puzzle Events page on our website here, for information regarding our upcoming events.

Written by Jennifer

Jennifer runs the company with Paula and is proud to keep Steve's legacy of puzzle torment alive. Jennifer has been with Stave since 1987, making her Stave's most seasoned crafter! She told Steve many, many years ago that she didn't want his job, but today she is rocking it! Jennifer is a tried-and-true puzzlenut. Jennifer enjoys crosswords, sudoku, and word puzzles in addition to the Stave puzzles she has crafted for her family. She also enjoys a good mystery book like Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Have you read them? Jennifer also loves a good concert; she hopes to see Gladys Knight, Smokey Robinson, Adele, and Bruno Mars someday!