The Joys Of Summer

The Joys Of Summer

Summer is a time of joy! It’s a season of celebration and time spent with family. The days are longer, the sun warms our skin, and our calendars are filled with fun activities. Let me tell you about a few special things we’ve already experienced here at Stave Puzzles this summer.

New Beginnings

Cindy’s family welcomed her first grandchild, a healthy and beautiful baby girl. She arrived on May 24th, with a head full of dark brown hair just like her daddy. Cindy, who was at work at the time, received the anxiously awaited news when she checked her messages during her lunch break. An excited shriek was heard throughout the shop, soon followed by the sharing of newborn baby pictures. To say she was overjoyed would be an understatement.

The following day, Cindy made a 2-hour trip north to congratulate her son, Billy, and Kayla, her daughter-in-law, AND to meet and hold their new bundle of joy, Madilyn. “The moment I held that precious baby in my arms, I was overwhelmed with love and amazement. Watching my child become a parent is a beautiful experience, and I feel so blessed to have this new addition to our family. I’m so looking forward to watching her grow and flourish and to making many lasting memories together.”

Happily Ever After

Join us in celebrating Amanda, our Marketing Assistant, who recently tied the knot with her partner Justin in a stunning outdoor wedding. Set against a backdrop of nature’s beauty, their elegant and charming celebration was nothing short of magical. From exchanging vows under a cherry tree to the soft piano music playing in the background, every detail was meticulously planned to create a warm and heartfelt atmosphere. The beautiful florals and vintage decor under a clear-top tent added an extra touch of sophistication to their Massachusetts wedding.

Following their fairytale wedding, Amanda and Justin spent a blissful week in a beach house on Cape Cod, walking along the shore and exploring charming nearby towns. But their adventures don’t end there - this August, they will jet off to Edinburgh, Scotland to continue their journey of love. Join us in wishing them an abundance of happiness as they embark on this new chapter together! Life doesn’t get much better than that, does it?!

Get To The Point

It’s hard to top those two pieces of news, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about our weekend at The Point in Saranac Lake, NY. Rick and I drove over Friday morning, arriving to smiling faces and a lovely glass of champagne. After a quick visit to Saranac, our beautiful room in the Guest House, we joined puzzling friends for the most amazing lunch. The food at The Point is truly superb, and they really know how to make each meal special. Don’t believe me? Try the English Breakfast Martini ;)

After lunch, we headed over to the pub to set up for a weekend of puzzling fun. I’ll admit summer in the High Peaks can make it difficult to choose between spending time working puzzles or taking advantage of all the great outdoor activities The Point has to offer, but their team makes it easy to get it all in. We had a great group of devout puzzlers we enjoyed spending the weekend with, and they worked many, many puzzles. We’ll be back again in June of next year, so reach out to The Point and have them save a spot for you!

Written by Jennifer

Jennifer runs the company with Paula and is proud to keep Steve's legacy of puzzle torment alive. Jennifer has been with Stave since 1987, making her Stave's most seasoned crafter! She told Steve many, many years ago that she didn't want his job, but today she is rocking it! Jennifer is a tried-and-true puzzlenut. Jennifer enjoys crosswords, sudoku, and word puzzles in addition to the Stave puzzles she has crafted for her family. She also enjoys a good mystery book like Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Have you read them? Jennifer also loves a good concert; she hopes to see Gladys Knight, Smokey Robinson, Adele, and Bruno Mars someday!