Grand Finale… Twin Farms Mystery Puzzlenut Party

Ya shoulda been there!!! Late yesterday afternoon around 4:45 it was
wrap-up time…. time to bring the 2 days of puzzling madness to a
close. During these wild 2 days we rewarded correct answers to the
various mystery challenges with poker chips…. 100, 1000, 5000
denominations. Three of the teams had accumulated nearly 100,000 worth
of chips. Paula had the brilliant idea of auctioning off 4 Teaser
puzzles, the players using their accumulated chips. So everyone took 5
minutes to divide their team chips among themselves… then the fun
began. On two puzzles the bidding reached 50,000 per puzzle… I wish
we had had a video camera recording all of this craziness…. it was

Then the grand finale… the players took their remaining
chips and ‘purchased’ chances for the BIG drawing for 5,000/chance. All
of the chances were then stuffed into a fishbowl and then John, Twin
Farms marketing director, drew the lucky winners for a 250 Stave puzzle
and a 2-night stay at Twin Farms. The winner of the 2-night stay was a
former NBA star, a Twin Farms regular, it turns out.

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