My challenge to you!

Recently, I woke up in the middle of the night with this thought…îwouldnít it be interesting to see what kind of designs you PuzzleNuts could create using puzzle pieces pushed together to form a montage.î That weekend I grabbed a puzzle my wife, Martha, had crafted for me in 1987 as a surprise Christmas present ñ a beautiful puzzle, I must say. I dumped the pieces out and mushed them around to form a butterfly (see photo). I used wood-side-up pieces to form the wing border and ëviolaí, a butterfly. Not bad considering Iím no artist.


So, I Challenge you To Show Me Your Talent!!!!
Use your puzzle pieces and arrange them in montage to create a new image. There are three categories of design to choose from for a chance to win a free Tropical Punch puzzle. I made a Butterfly out of some pieces to illustrate how to make the design and video taped the process for you to see. Take a photo of your final creation and submit it to
I will look at them all and award prizes to the best ones in February.
You can see my video and submit photos for the contest through the Stave PuzzleNuts community:

Good Luck!

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