Welcome Back!

He’s Baaaack! Finally, and he has us hopping!

After a month away, our Fearless Leaders have returned safely. Dragging a bit from the jet-lag, they appeared in out midst late Monday morning. Though we like our little ‘breaks’ from the bosses, we were happy to see them. The shop tends to feel a little empty when they’re not around.

What now?
In all honesty, life doesn’t change too much when Martha and Steve are gone so theSteve transition to having them back is pretty smooth. We definitely have more meetings when Steve’s around, but the best thing is he goes back to picking up the mail. Yes, your Chief Tormentor take the post office duty. Can you believe it? What a guy! Our Friday feasts are back to normal, too. Martha does such a good job taking care of us.

Workin’ It
Whenever Steve and Martha go away, Steve always comes home energized and full of ideas. He has new puzzle designs brewing in his brain and he’s ready to cook up some excitement for you. In one of the first meetings Paula and I had with him last week, he was fired up with all the new stuff he’s been dreaming up. I believe his exact words were “We’re going to Bury Them in Fun!” I’m sure you figured out you are the them he’s referring to, so Watch Out! The coming months will be loaded with new and challenging endeavors for you to experience!

Fitting it together, Jennifer

Copier Paula and I take care of the really important stuff√≥ Like rescuing mailing pages from behind the copier! It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.

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