Stave Puzzle Party Weekend at The Point

Steve here! We're busy organizing a few Puzzle Parties for the coming year. Here's information for the first one planned for January 2010.


An exclusive group of Stave enthusiasts will share hours of fireside puzzling in rustic elegance. Join us!

At The Point, you'll feel like you've stepped into another era because essentially you have. Built at the turn of the twentieth century of massive native timbers and stone as the Great Camp of William Avery Rockefeller, The Point is both grand and fanciful. Each room retains its original character with twiggy Adirondack furniture, birch bark details, cozy woolens and furs, waxed wood walls, old books and unique features particular to its original purpose at the Great Camp. Fires are kept blazing for you and a bottle of wine always awaits, so you may never want to leave your room! But you will. With its comfortable house party atmosphere, The Point is the perfect place for fellow Stave puzzlers to meet and share a weekend together.

Click here for more details and a list of scheduled events.

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