Senator Leahy Visits Staveland…What a Blast!

Martha and and I are regular contributors to Senator Leahy’s campaigns and we have met him on a number of occasions. When his staff suggested to his loyal supporters that we send the Senator some birthday cards on his 70th birthday in March we at Stave Puzzles decided to send him a special birthday puzzle instead. Checkout how we Photoshop’d his image into this popular scene. And check out the customized pieces. Because he is a fan of The Grateful Dead and Batman we wove those into the scene also.

In June Senator Leahy called me from Washington to say how much he and Marcelle enjoyed doing the puzzle. They had had a blast and chuckled all the way through. I told the Senator that if he and Marcelle were ever in the area please stop by for a tour which they did on Tuesday. It was our turn to have a blast as we showed them around and gave them a cutting demonstration. What FUN people they are!



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