Holiday Happiness

I’m amazed at the variety of puzzles I see offered in the Stave mailings. It always seems fresh and new, every time. Have you ever wondered how that happens? It’s Susan. All Susan!

Susan came to us in November of 1993. She started out doing a little bit of everything. (Do you know how hard it is to find someone like that these days?!) We quickly saw her potential and moved her into our graphics area. She’s had to grow with the times, keeping us up to date with our artists’ contracts and licensing.

Each week she gets to comb through the never ending supply of puzzle images choosing just the right variety for the mailings. Sometimes there’s a theme, like a holiday, and sometimes it’s the season that will help to determine what you will see. And sometimes, it’s just what Susan likes!

Picture 119

Susan lives in New Hampshire†with†her†Golden†Retriever,†Bacall,†her†horse,†Hap, and his little buddy, Charger, a mini. Quite a group, don’t you think?!

Here’s what Susan has to say about Traditional puzzling:

“Traditional Stave puzzles are my favorite. The personality every puzzle evolves into is quite magical. If I were ordering a Traditional or Custom puzzle, I would definitely ask for difficulty. I’d want the crafter to pull out all the stops! And I know I’ll get a spectacular edge treatment, too!”

Tell Susan what you’d like to see in your next mailing. Email her at


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