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Great minds think alike. Isnít that how the saying goes? Letís test that theory, shall we?

Weíre always striving to come up with something new here at Stave. Earlier this summer I was working with Steve and Molly on the design for the 35th anniversary commemorative puzzle. We were figuring out the list of the 35 elements to include in the puzzle: whammies, color-line cutting, phony corner, TroubleMaker, Trick…you get the idea. It was then and there I decided to retire before we hit our 60th anniversary. Thatís a lot of stuff to get into a puzzle!!

Occasionally we have a contest on the PuzzleNuts site where we show you a new puzzle design and ask for title suggestions. You always have such great ideas. We even took it one step further when Stave artist, Molly Delaney, drew some cute little donkeys that we couldnít figure out what to do with. Instead of racking my brain, we threw it out to our puzzlers and your suggestions were awesome! Due to your ingenuity, Donkey Tonk will be coming your way, soon!

This tired mind needs your help, again. Now I want you to do it all. Iím going to sit back and let you do the work! (What took me so long to think of this?!) You can design your very own Stave puzzle!

Give me the theme

Give me the look

Give me the title

If you can come up with the fixings for a new Stave Teaser puzzle, weíll do it! Now that youíre doing my job, Iím going on vacation!

Jennifer- Many hands make light work! Lighten my load!!

P.S. See details on the below

puzzle sugg

REMEMBER! Email ME at Jennifer@stave.com with your puzzle suggestions.

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