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I Do
I bet most weddings take place in the summer. The weatherís good, itís easier for the guests who have to travel, and you can be outside. Another reason why I make this assumption is because we cut more wedding puzzles now than at any other time of the year. A puzzle is the perfect way to commemorate the special day. Whether itís your day from 20 years ago or tomorrow, a son or daughterís wedding, or your favorite niece, a Stave puzzle is the perfect gift.

The Missing Piece
When you meet that special someone, you feel like youíve found that missing piece, right? They seem to fill that little spot in your heart thatís been empty, waiting for just the right fit. Why not create a puzzle to remember this incredible time in life? The moment can be relived every time the puzzle is worked. We can fill it with the silhouettes that represent your perfect day: the proposal on one knee, a horse and carriage ride to the church, a dog standing in as best man, the honeymoon safari to Africa. No matter what made your day unique, we can help you create a keepsake that will be enjoyed for years to come.

couple-silhouetteFit Me In
Picture this . Itís your anniversary, the music is softly playing in the background, the champagne is poured and the candles are lit on the puzzle table. Wonít it be nice to have a few hours of your loveís undivided attention while you work to put together the pieces of your lives? We all know times like this are few and far between in our day to day lives.

Love you to pieces, Jennifer

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