The Opportunity of a Lifetime!


Brownie Points

What employee doesnít try to earn extra points with their boss? Anyone with half a brain knows you try to impress them with your skills, charm, wit and if you can score a golf date for them at one of the most coveted courses in the country, You Do It!

Who You Know

Thatís just what happened a few weeks ago. I love to chat with our puzzlers when they call to order so when Mr. G. from Birmingham, AL., called to order a golf puzzle for his son I found myself telling him what a golf nut Steve is. Mr. G. casually threw out an offer that went something like this. ìLet me know if Steve ever wants to play Augusta National.î I responded with something like, ìOh, how nice of you. Iíll be sure to tell him.î Little did I know the impact that offer would have on Steve. If he had mentioned Tiffany and Company or a Porsche Carrera I would have ëgottení it but I guess I just donít appreciate the finer things in the golf world.

He Said What???!

Once the snow began melting in Vt. I knew Steve would be getting the golf bug so I got in touch with Mr. G to see if he was serious about the offer. It just so happened he was putting together a foursome for AGNC in just a couple of weeks.

If you could have seen Steveís face when I told him about the invitation you would have laughed. His jaw practically hit the floor. ìAre you kidding?! Thatís the toughest ticket in town! Itís the opportunity of a lifetime! A dream come true!î It was May 3rd and Steve had barely blown the dust off his clubs from the winter hiatus. Could he get his game in shape by May 14th? After a mad flurry of trips to our local course, he had worked the worst of the kinks out of his swing. He was as ready as heíd ever be!

Up To Par

Steve flew in the night before and met his fellow golfers the following morning at the airport where they were picked up by an Augusta National van. Iím guessing he had goose bumps when they started driving down Magnolia Lane. Itís one thing to see it on TV year after year but to really be there!! The guys took a few swings on the practice range and then they were off ! Steveís first drive was a respectable 210 yards. Mr. G. made an impressive 290 yards!

Caddy Shack

Steveís caddy, Randy, was invaluable, coaching him along the way. Apparently the course was very different from what we have around here and Randyís knowledge helped keep Steve out of a few rough spots. (Though he did leave a few balls in the Par 3 water holes!) After the nerves wore off and he found his groove he even managed to par 3 out of 4 holes on the back 9. What holes, you ask? The 13th, 15th, and 16th. My parting words to Steve as he was leaving for his adventure? ìDonít embarrass us!î Not to worry, he came home with a respectable score, even breaking 100! And the icing on the cake? After they finished playing the regular course they played the Par 3 course, too!

Ever the gracious host, Mr. G. gave Steve and the other two gentlemen a tour of the entire grounds where they saw the coveted Masters Trophy and the lockers of some of the greatest golfers of all time: Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson. Amazing!

The August National Golf Course is now closed for the summer season but Steve is still talking about it to anyone who will listen. I think heís re-lived every hole at least 10 times. Somehow, I think any place he plays in the future is going to pale by comparison.

Making the Most of Things

Steve has thanked me profusely since the moment this began to fall into place. Itís a little silly because I really had nothing to do with it. All I did was open my big mouth and mention how much Steve enjoyed the game. Itís Mr. G. who should get the prize. But Iím hoping I can get a lot of mileage out of this. Steve now refers to me as Princess Jennifer (you can, too) and I expect Iíll be signing my lifetime contract any day now. If I wreck a puzzle or something and Steve starts raising an eyebrow at me I think Iíll just pull out my tiara and perch it right there on top of my pretty little pink ANGC ball cap!!

The Bossís favorite,



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