Twin Farms Puzzle Party this Weekend

Our Stave/Twin Farms Puzzle Party is fast approaching and Paula and I are hustling around getting ready for 2 full days of fun puzzling, Friday and Saturday. I have seven(7) new designs I want tested and I can't wait to stand over the shoulders of these puzzlers as they take on my new challenges. I find it very helpful to watch how each puzzler tackles a design. It often gives me new ideas on how to block or slow down their progress in future designs… heh, heh.
     I think many of you know that Twin Farms is one of the world's finest small luxury hotels with 10 rooms and 10 cottages ($1,000 – $3,000/night) located only 45 minutes away in Barnard, Vermont. Every room/cottage has Stave puzzles resulting in many new customers for us each year.
     Below are more amazing edges/corners:



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