Spring Has Sprung!

Here’s What’s Sprouting!

Fresh and New -The calendar says itís Spring and our weather is finally agreeing. After enjoying a beautiful stretch of weather several weeks ago we went right back to cold, rainy days. It was awful!

Today is another story. The sun is shining and we’re going to see the thermometer reach the 70s. Our daffodils and crocuses are poking their heads out of the ground and the trees are budding. What else is blooming here at Stave?

wildheart cutThere is such a wealth of creativity in the shop. I’m always amazed at the new things we come up with. Just the other day I was admiring the Timeshare puzzle, Wildheart, that Barb was crafting. She loaded it up with so much fun! Can you believe the perfect placement of her silhouettes? Look at the wing on the fairy. It has perfect detail. How about the flame on the candle she is holding? It’s a fiery yellow. So neat! My favorite is the gecko. Barb utilized the spots in a butterfly’s wing for eyes on the gecko. It adds such personality to the piece. You can’t help but smile when working this puzzle.

wildheart silos

Tried and True -Sure it’s great to see new things come about but there are some things that will never change here at Stave. Our desire to give you the best that we have in each and every puzzle and the level of quality we strive for in everything we do. Another thing that will never change is the personal contact we give. You can always count on one of us picking up the phone when you call Stave during regular business hours. Maybe we’re old fashioned but we think it’s important to give that one-on-one connection to our puzzlers.

All In A Day’s Work

It’s amazing what a simple edge design can do for a puzzle. Doesn’t this zig-zag edge make you feel the movement of the horses? And that window treatment. How cool is that?!! Little things like these add so much to a puzzle.

cheyenne cut

Holy cuteness! Isn’t this hippo the most adorable thing youíve seen in ages? Call today so you can have this puzzle, Pizazz!, on your puzzle table.

With a spring in my step, Jennifer


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