Spring has Sprung

So where are the tulips and daffodils? As you may know, Spring in Vermont can be an iffy thing. We had a week of temps in the 50s last week but now we’re sitting in the high 30s and it’s windy. What’s up with that? I’m choosing to look at it as having my glass half full. I’d much rather be inside cutting puzzles than outside in the chilly air. But guess who doesn’t see it that way? Yep, Steve and Martha have headed off for warmer climates and time with their grandson. Thank goodness Steve does some of his best designing in the sun. And now I’ll let you in on a little secret. Before they left, Paula and I made Steve PROMISE he would come back with a NEW 2-way Trick Design!!! We’re so excited and we know he won’t let us down. WooooWeeeeee!! You heard it here first!

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