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want-of-nailMaking Choices
What do you want to see? We have so many Traditional puzzle images, itís a challenge figuring out what to put in each newsletter. Of course you can see all we have to offer on our website but sometimes itís nice to see them in a snazzy mailing piece.
Susan is your window to the world of Traditional puzzle images. She works with the many artists and licensing agents to find the best images out there for puzzling. The tough part of her job is knowing what to show you. We all like something different and itís her challenge to find something for everyone. Susan does a great job keeping a variety of puzzling genres in our mai l ings but sometimes we wonder if weíre leaving something out. Are there certain artists you want to see featured? Specific time periods you would like represented? The pool of possibilities is almost bottomless. Let us know what you would like to see gracing the pages of your next mailing.

Be A Famous Artist
Are you a budding artist? Did your son or daughter paint a picture for you for Motherís or Fatherís day? You can send us your own artwork to be cut into a puzzle! Send it to us and weíll scan it and make a print to be cut into a puzzle. Wouldnít your child feel special to see his or her masterpiece transformed into a puzzle? We work Susan pretty hard so help us make her job a little easier by sending her an email with a list of artists and puzzle images you want to see represented in future mailings. She could use the break! Email her at

Helping when I can,

P.S. Donít forget, weíll cut your photographs into puzzles too!

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