Down on the Farm

If you werenít at Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN., last weekend then you missed out on a great time! Carol and I, along with our husbands, Hank and Rick, entertained folks with tons of puzzles and several rounds of crazy puzzling competitions. We enjoyed great food, great wine and most importantly, great camaraderie.

This was our 5th year puzzling folks at Blackberry Farm and we welcomed lots of familiar faces as well as several new ones, too. Itís so nice to see our puzzlers settle into old friendships and making new ones, as well. Puzzlers are a welcoming group and those traveling alone were quickly gathered into the fold.

If you want plenty of uninterrupted puzzling time, to work as many puzzles as you desire, with a terrific group of people all while being pampered in the beautiful surroundings of the Smoky Mountains, then join us next February at Blackberry Farm!

molliAce Puzzler, Molli, was the grand prize winner of the 250 piece Traditional puzzle of her choice. Do you think sheíll let her friend, Jane B, help her choose the puzzle?!

One of the most exciting games we played at the party was a Relay Race. Teams raced against each other to be the first to complete their 25 piece puzzle. Players line up and race, one at a time, across the room to the puzzle table. When they fit two pieces together they race back to the line, tag their teammate and off they go! Much fun and laughter was had by all!


Puzzlers Unite! Puzzled guests work as a team to try to get it all together.

bbf puzzlers

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