“Little House of Horrors” Chocolate Bribe Stand-off

Three days ago a good customer, frustrated with my Trick puzzle "Little House of Horrors", emailed me asking (begging, really) for hints. I responded: "No Chocolates, No Hints".  He emailed: "No Hints, No Chocolates".  So we had a stand-off which lasted all of 60 seconds. We express-mailed the hints and he express-mailed 2 big boxes of amazing chocolates. Here we are fighting over them. Left-to-right, Martha (my wife and controller), Jenn, Tammy and Paula…. if fact, they are all my controllers. The customer's message in the chocolate box was "Thanks for all the headaches!"

Ahem, upon doing the puzzle with hints the customer emailed: "Christopher (his son) and I agree that you are a genius.  Even with the hints from Jennifer received this morning, this is one crazy puzzle.  Many more permutations than even "Champ." This is one beautifully designed puzzle!" But, not to worry, my controllers will not let my head get too inflated.

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