Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Jennineffer Hi there, this is Jennifer!

Steve and Martha have been out of town to do a little "Research and Development" in Napa Valley. Things have been running smoothly while they're gone. No one has cut any fingers off and we've all shown up for work (almost every day). We've even gotten a few puzzles cut and shipped out to you. We have some new Teaser designs in the works and Susan has put together a fabulous group of offerings for all you Traditional puzzlers. Check out Cheryl Johnson's new Chills 'n Thrills. It's spooktacular! 

Balloon ride2

We frequently hear from Steve and Martha when they're away. We get postcards and emails and sometimes they send us great photos. Here are a few photos to give you a taste of what they do when they're not here keeping us in line. I think you'll agree they're a fun loving couple who know how to get the most of each and every day. But what does ballooning have to do with finding a new venue for puzzling on the West Coast? Do they think they'll find one from way up in the sky?!

Balloon ride

Of course we miss them when they're gone but they send us yummy treats to remind us how much they miss us: Cookies and cakes, breads and chocolates. What more could a girl want?

One piece at a time, Jennifer 

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