You Want Tough? We’ll Give You Tough!

Snowflakes-cutHow hard is it?
Itís always our goal to provide loads of puzzling pleasure in each and every puzzle we craft, be it 75 pieces or 750 pieces. How do we do it? Youíve heard of magic fairy dust, havenít you? Well, we have magic sawdust!

Itís tough, as a cutter, to know just how difficult to make a Traditional puzzle. There are puzzlers who like to be teased and those who like to be tortured so just how much trickery do we put into each puzzle?

Itís always best to know what level puzzler weíre working with so if youíre a great puzzler let us know and weíll pull out all the stops!. If youíre giving the puzzle as a gift and you donít have a feel for the skill level of the recipient, tell us that, too, so we donít put too many zingers in their puzzle.

With small puzzles we know we better use a variety of tricks to keep you puzzled. If itís loaded with lots of personalized pieces then we may not be able to get much color-line cutting in so thatís when weíll load it up with lots of whammies. And itís always fun to throw some phony corners in, especially in the irregular edged puzzles!

Larger prints allow us to Go Crazy! You might see sculpts (slivers of wood removed to reveal an image when the puzzle is complete), lots of color-line cutting and weíll throw in plenty of whammies , phony corners, irregular edges and maybe even some drop-out silhouettes or a window treatment. No matter your skill level, we want to puzzle you.

Help us drive you crazy! Jennifer

Tricks of the Trade- Puzzling 101
Hereís a quick lesson in puzzle treatments so the next time you call youíll know just what to ask for in your puzzle. We can help you choose just the right type of print for the difficulty level you seek and the best type of design features for your puzzle. Weíre always happy to chat. Especially Tammy!

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