All That’s New!

New Beginnings
I am so excited! 2010 has barely begun and weíre already dreaming up great new stuff. Iím anxious to finish the final details so we can show you whatís coming! Weíve got some fun Snowflakes almost ready and I canít wait for you to see them.
I began working with artist Debra Kramer last year and weíre just now cutting the first puzzles. Be ready- theyíre not your regular snowflakes! Youíll see hearts and leaves, moons and people. What?! People? Yep! Thatís my favorite. Itís called Feel the Noise and when I look at it I see people with their hands raised in the air, swaying to the music. You can just hear and feel this puzzle! Itís full of color, almost like a tie-dye effect and you canít help but smile when you look at it. I just LOVE these new snowflakes and hope you will, too.
bday siloWant More?
You know weíve scheduled puzzle parties at The Point and Blackberry Farm. Weíre also cooking up a gathering at Twin Farms for the Spring. But have you heard the BIG n e w s ? Itís our 35th anniversary and weíre having a PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Youíre Invited We want to celebrate this happy occasion and what better way to do it than with you, our loyal puzzlers. We donít have a set date yet but itís looking like July may work. We want each and every one of you here to help us blow out those candles so keep your calendar open!
Canít wait to see you! Jennifer

New Faces
Weíve had some great new additions to Stave in the past year and I think youíll agree theyíre both a perfect fit. In early 2009, we were looking for someone to join our cutting crew. We put the word out on the street and kept our fingers crossed. Luckily, we didnít have to look far to find what we needed. Megan, our new addition from 2008, knew just the right person.

Megan grew up here in the small town of Wilder. Her mom was a Girl Scout leader and she befriended a fellow leader, a mom of two girls, one a year younger than Megan and one a year older. You can guess how the story goes… moms become friends, girls become friends, blah blah blah. And yes, the younger girl was Samara! Both Megan and Samara graduated from the nearby high school and while Megan attended the University of Vt., Samara ventured a bit further to the Rhode Island School of Design.
Samara has been a quick study, already cutting beautiful puzzles. She said she feels being an artist has really helped her in learning to craft puzzles. And best of all, she says sheís never liked a job so much! In addition to puzzle cutting, Samara enjoys photography, jewelry making and painting portraits of pets and people. As a matter of fact, our Christmas gift to Steve and Martha is a portrait of their grandson, Simon, painted by our very own Samara!

briannaBriana is another lucky find. We needed some help in our Graphics Department and ran an ad in our local paper. Lo and behold, a member of the paperís advertising staff was looking to make a change. We had a good feeling about Bri during the interview process and it only got better when she started her new career with us. She began in July and it feels like sheís been here forever. Bri has offered up some terrific ideas for edge designs on our Traditional prints and she has a great eye for color. In fact, it was Briís idea to go with the cool color scheme for the new snowflake, Feel the Noise. And guess what? Bri grew up right here in town and attended the same high school as Megan and Samara!

gusSamara is single and lives nearby with 2 roommates. Bri lives here in town, too, with her husband, Jason, and their Yorkie, Gus. So, whatís new with you???

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