Stave Puzzle Shop Raided by Amy & Lucien

These 2 characters, Amy and Lucien, go way back with us…. 1992…. saw us in USAir inflight mag. They have over 70 Stave puzzles. In 2010 their house got hit by lightning and burned to ground. Everyone was safe but all their puzzles, stored in a table/chest, got waterlogged. So we’ve been helping them replace the damaged puzzles. Amy made a special little cake for us. Note her Stave Puzzles box. Footnote: during our 1995 puzzle party they “borrowed” one of my “Steve’s” staplers which traveled far and wide while sending back photo reports with us not knowing who swiped the stapler. During this visit Jenn and I kept a close eye on them. They do look like Troublemakers, don’t they.

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