My First Choice for Puzzle of the Week

I see so many great puzzles come out of our workshop and they never cease to amaze me. It seems to me I should be sharing them with you! I’m going to choose one special puzzle every week and I’m going to post it here, for you to see. So check in every week and see what makes a Stave a Stave!!

Bordeux, by artist Kathleen Parr McKenna, is my first Puzzle of the Week. What do I love about it? From a puzzling aspect I like the colors. I could sort them to help me get started but they’re not so crisp as to make the puzzle easy. I love the grapevine wrapping around the top, too. Doesn’t it just bring things to life? From a cutter’s perspective I love the color-line cutting opportunities. The wine glass and sign are just calling out to be color-line cut. I could also cut out that nice bunch of grapes with a leaf and stem.

So pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and sit down with a puzzle tonight!

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