I’m gonna sink him if I get the chance

You’ve probably had a peek at Steve’s new Trick puzzle design, Atlantis. It’s great. It’s beautiful. It’s clever. Well let me tell you, if he were in the shop right now I would THROTTLE him!! Now don’t get me wrong… it’s an awesome puzzle but the cutting of the design is an absolute BEAR and that’s putting it nicely!! I’ve put more Atlantis puzzles into the trashcan than I have into Finishing!! Steve’s got so many complex tricks in the design that when you mess up one tiny little spot (like underneath the manta ray) you have to trash the ENTIRE puzzle. It doesn’t matter if you’re an hour into the puzzle or 3 hours in (like when I blew the fifth swap area) it goes to the trash!! Yep, I’ve got puzzle piece flying left and right but not in a good way! Not to worry, though, because I’ll get even. After spending every second of every minute of the past 8 months on Atlantis, he and Martha headed to Boise so Steve could catch his breath and ease back into the real world. Just wait until he opens that nice little package I sent him. He’s going to wish it were a bomb :)

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