Strike A Cord

50 Pieces

Size : 4.25" x 6.75"

This handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzle, with its stunningly depiction of an autumn outdoor setting is sure to Strike A Cord! You'll feel as if you're outside chopping wood, listening to the satisfying crack from each log as you piece together this detailed scene of an ax lodged into a tree stump on an colorful autumn day. This wooden jigsaw puzzle has one-of-a-kind pieces that combine craftsmanship, adventure, and skill all in one! No need for work gloves here - take the opportunity to experience this outdoor chore without the splinters or back pain!

Small in Size. BIG in Fun! With only fifty pieces, Tidbits are the right amount of puzzle for when you have just a few moments to relax. Tidbits make great gifts for any occasion OR no occasion at all. Shop all Tidbits.

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Artist: Susan Greenleaf

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