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Rental Squad

Stave Puzzles: Rental Squad
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The Rental Squad is a unique new program of borrowing puzzles one-at-a-time. ‬You can choose from two popular sizes‭ ‬–‭ ‬small or large‭, ‬and the number of puzzles‭ ‬–‭ ‬3‭ ‬or 6‭. ‬Tell us the themes you want to see on your puzzle table and‭... ‬shazam‭!... ‬just like that‭, ‬puzzles will appear on your doorstep‭. ‬We’ll reach into our stash and send a surprise puzzle that you’re sure to love‭! ‬You keep each one for up to six weeks‭, ‬then simply return it using the pre-paid shipping label‭.‬ How could it get any easier‭?‬


1. Select a size and quantity

(Small‭) ‬250-500‭ ‬pieces or
(Large‭) ‬500-800‭ ‬pieces‭

Choose to receive Three or Six puzzles.

2. Tell us your preferences

Below is a list of popular themes. Tell us your favorites in the comment section during checkout‭. Then we’ll reach into our stash and send a puzzle you’re sure to love‭! ‬

Americana, Animals, Botanicals, Collages, Destinations, Holiday, Landscapes, Museum Art, Sports, Still Life, Whimsical.

3. Enjoy up to six weeks

Get ready for that infamous UPS truck to show up at your front door‭!‬

4. When done‭, ‬send it back

You’ll find a pre-paid shipping label in the box to make returns simple and easy‭. ‬

Rental Squad Pricing: 

Small 3 puzzles - $1,295
Small 6 puzzles
- $1,895

Large 3 puzzles - $2,195
Large 6 puzzles
- $3,495

Rental Squad is only available in the Continental US. Cannot be combined with other offers. 

InStock puzzles and merchandise are available for delivery and will be shipped the next business day.