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Rental – Portofino Reverie

Cutting Style : Nightmare

Bring the beauty of Portofino into your home with this stunning depiction of a picturesque coastal town. As you work your way through the wooden jigsaw puzzle, you'll be enchanted by the view of boats gently bobbing in the water and the towering buildings that line the shore. The sailboat in the center of the scene really steals the show - it's a reminder that sometimes, the journey is more important than the destination. You'll be treated to the sight of the sun setting over the mountain, casting a warm glow over the water. The finishing touch? The vibrant flower bushes add pops of color and cheerfulness to this already uplifting puzzle. Get ready to be transported on a mini vacation with Portofino Reverie.

This is a Stave Rental Club puzzle - enjoy putting it together for up to six weeks, providing ample time to decompress and indulge in your favorite hobby.

• Enjoy each rental puzzle for up to six weeks!

• Shipping (to and from) is included! We’ll even provide a UPS label for easy returns.

Become a Member and enjoy exclusive benefits like double loyalty points, $50 off each rental fee, puzzle damage forgiveness, and every tenth rental on us!

This is strictly a Rental Club. If you are looking for our program where you rent six and keep one, check out our Time Share Program.

THIS RENTAL PUZZLE WILL SHIP NEXT BUSINESS DAY. Need it right away? Contact Stave to upgrade shipping for quicker delivery, 802-295-5200.

Please Note: To keep the rental program successful and available to everyone, we ask that you limit your rental puzzle purchase to two puzzles within a rental period.

Fine Print – it’s pretty simple! Rental period begins when the puzzle is shipped and ends at six weeks, allowing for travel time to and from your house. Minor damage (broken and/or missing pieces) will incur a $125 fee (per piece) for non-members or $75 for members. First damage fee waived for active members. If major damage occurs or the puzzle is severely late, additional fees may apply. 

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