October 10, 2022

Traditional Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

There's no denying that New York City is an iconic destination, filled with incredible sights and experiences that will make anyone smile. And for those who love fishing, the October 10, 2022 wooden jigsaw puzzle is the perfect combination of classic New York scenery and family fun. Featuring a father and son (plus their adorable dog!) casting their lines against the breathtaking backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge and sunset, this puzzle is sure to bring a smile to your face and a sense of happiness to your day. Whether you're a puzzle aficionado or simply looking for a fun activity to do with your loved ones, this puzzle is the perfect choice for any happy, upbeat, and fun-loving New Yorker!

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Made-To-Order: This wooden jigsaw puzzle needs to be handcrafted by a skilled Stave artisan. Made to order puzzles may take 3-6 weeks to ship.

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Artist: Eric Drooker

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