Rental Programs

Time Share, Rental Squad, and Rental Club were designed to allow puzzlers the chance to work puzzles with a variety of images, cutting styles, and sizes. These Rental Programs promise puzzlers the same high-quality puzzling experience that you receive with our personalized made-to-order puzzles; fun silhouette pieces, an irregular edge, and handcrafted trickery to throw you off (just a little). These rental programs are available to US addresses only.

Rental Club

Welcome to Stave’s Rental Club - a unique program where you can experience the joy of putting together our exquisite handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzles. With our Rental Club, we offer a vast collection of fun and challenging images to suit all tastes. And the best part? You can keep each puzzle for up to six weeks, providing ample time to decompress and indulge in your favorite hobby. You can also purchase an (optional) annual membership for premium club benefits, including double Loyalty Points, discounts on rental fees, and free rental puzzles. Begin your next Stave puzzle adventure and indulge in your favorite pastime.

Available to US addresses only.

Rental Club Perks for All Puzzlers:

  • Enjoy each puzzle for up to six weeks
  • Ground shipping (to and from) is included! A UPS label is provided for easy returns

Become An Annual Member & Receive These Additional Benefits:

  • $50 off each rental puzzle fee for the entire year
  • Earn double Loyalty Points with each puzzle rental
  • Every 10th rental is free (based on the average size of previous nine rental puzzles)
  • First late fee and damage fee waived
  • Fees reduced for any subsequent loss or damage

Fine Print – It’s Pretty Simple! Rental period begins when the puzzle is shipped and ends at six weeks, allowing for travel time to and from your address. Minor damage (broken and/or missing pieces) will incur a $125 fee (per piece) for non-members or $75 for members. First damage fee waived for active members. If major damage occurs or the puzzle is severely late, additional fees may apply.

"I loved, loved, loved the Time Share program and got so excited each time a new puzzle came. Thanks for being the best company ever!"

 —N‭.‬G‭., ‬Fort Myers‭, ‬FL

Time Share

Stave's Time Share system is a clever "work six-keep one" loaner program that enables you to work a set of six different Stave Traditional puzzles (two sizes are offered) at a fraction of what it would cost to buy them. You "borrow" the puzzles from our Time Share library, one at a time, keeping each for up to six weeks, working it as many times as you desire. Then you simply ship it back and receive your next puzzle. You even get to KEEP one when you're finished!

You can choose from the types of puzzles you enjoy the most, e.g. landscapes, americana, birds, florals, etc. You'll receive an email from Stave with a link to select your image preferences once your order is placed.

At the end of your Time Share program, you'll receive a summary to rank all of the puzzles you've worked according to your favorites. You will receive one of these as your "keeper" puzzle. So, in addition to working several different puzzles, you have one to add to your collection.

Available to US addresses only.

Rental Squad

Stave's Rental Squad Program is a unique program of borrowing puzzles one at a time (like Time Share but without a keeper puzzle). You can choose from two popular sizes – small or large. Tell us the themes you want to see on your puzzle table and... shazam!... just like that, puzzles will appear on your doorstep. We’ll reach into our stash and send a surprise puzzle that you’re sure to love! You keep each one for up to six weeks, then simply return it using the pre-paid shipping label. How could it get any easier?