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Wizard Of Oz, Limited Edition

Stave Puzzles: Wizard Of Oz, Limited Edition
Limited Edition
Size: 15" x 22"
400 Pieces
Artist: Molly Delaney
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Hit the yellow brick road with Dorothy, Toto, and her brainless, heartless, cowardly buddies as they journey through Oz.

Figuring out this fun-filled double-decker puzzle will take as much ingenuity as it took Dorothy to find her way back to Kansas. Adding to the puzzlement are several sections of yellow brick road. Where do they go and how do they connect to Dorothy and her friends? In order to figure this out, you'll have to solve each of the six clever riddles. For the grand finale you'll have the pleasure of placing the glowing emerald city like a crown of glory at the top of your completed puzzle

This Stave Limited Edition includes a Riddles & Games Booket to lead you through your journey and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum-facsimile of the rare first edition with all of W.W. Denslow's original color plates, colorful pictorial binding, and 130 two-color illustrations.


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