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Time Share Program

Stave Puzzles: Time Share Program
Time Share

Time Share Special Offer!

Get 3 Free Puzzles or Save $1000

Small Time Share - receive NINE puzzles instead of six for $3595. (that's three free!)

Large Time Share -  PICK YOUR DEAL!
1. Receive NINE puzzles instead of six for $4595 (that's three free!)


2. receive six puzzles for the Small Time Share price!
Save $1000

*when ordering online use coupon code LARGE for additional $1000 off. For three extra puzzles, type FREE in the comment section during checkout. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Stave's Time Share system is a clever loaner program that enables you to work a set of six different Stave Traditional puzzles (two sizes are offered) at a fraction of what it would cost to buy them. With Time Share, you "borrow" the puzzles, one at a time, keeping each for up to six weeks working it as many times as you desire. Then you simply ship it back and receive your next puzzle.

  • Six puzzles
  • Enjoy each for six weeks.
  • Keep one puzzle!

SMALL: $3595, average size: 400 pieces
LARGE: $4595, average size: 600 pieces

Your Keeper Puzzle

At the end of your Time Share program you get to keep one of the puzzles. You'll receive a summary of the puzzles you've worked. You rank all the puzzles you've worked according to your favorites, and you will receive one of these as your "keeper" puzzle. So, in addition to working several different puzzles, you have one to add to your collection.

full price: $3,595.00
web price: $3,595.00
Puzzles ordered by 2:00 p.m. can ship the same day. All other InStock orders ship the next business day.