Limited Edition

Sword In The Stone

450 Pieces

Size : 16" x 16"

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Handpainted, Trick
Limited Edition 87

The Sword in the Stone, first introduced in 1987, is full of vibrant colors and detailed interchangeable scenes. Based on the legend of King Arthur, as told in The Once and Future King; there are castles, jousting knights, and damsels in distress mixed with the legendary Arthurian Characters: Wary, Sir Ector, Kay, Merlyn, and of course Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Stephanie Loeffler cleverly created numerous hidden images within the design of this puzzle. Find them all to reveal a very significant event in King Arthur's life. Each of the sixteen sections in of this puzzle will fit in more than one place, but which is right? Clues to the correct arrangement, the "magic word" puzzle, and the hidden images game are located throughout the artwork.


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Made To Order: This wooden jigsaw puzzle needs to be handcrafted by a skilled Stave artisan. Our current crafting schedule is 3-6 weeks for delivery.

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Artist: Stephanie Loeffler

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