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Snowy Evening

Stave Puzzles: Snowy Evening
Limited Edition
Size: 10.25" x 12.5"
225 Pieces
Full Price: $3,195.00
Web Price: $2,995.00
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Handpainted, Trick
Limited Edition 50

On "the darkest evening of the year", all the furry and feathered creatures of the woodlands gather ‘round this snow-draped fir tree beneath the full moon. Or do they?

You'll succeed in fitting together the fir tree and its friendly following, but you may go loony getting the full moon to shine down on them. The clouds will drift right out of the pine bough frame (until you herd them back inside). All the clouds, all the animals, and the entire tree will fit inside the piney frame—all you have to do is figure out how.

Puzzling, isn't it?

This puzzle is accompanied by the book Stopping by Woods On A Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

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