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Sink or Swim

Stave Puzzles: Sink or Swim
Limited Edition

Handpainted, Trick
Limited Edition 88

Using some of our most entertaining and devious puzzle ploys, The Carousel Series is comprised of three puzzles—each more difficult than the last. You will revel in their fanciful silhouettes and vibrant colors.

Sink or Swim is a little taste of Stave shenanigans! Can you help the animals gather at the edge of the pond in this two-bolt Trick puzzle?

Carousel is a showpiece of Stave silhouettes. Their design and placement make this a fun and whimsical puzzle to work.

Tree's A Crowd moves up a notch in difficulty with confusing background and foreground designs. Some background pieces remove to form a puzzle within a puzzle.

Each puzzle is individually hand-painted, signed, and numbered by the artist, Jennifer Brown. All stand alone or can be "linked" to the others.

These puzzles can be purchased separately or collect all three.

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Size: 9.75" diameter
140 pieces
full price: $1,445.00
web price: $1,245.00
Made To Order: Due to the handcrafted nature of our puzzles, all made-to-order puzzles will be crafted and delivered in January 2016. Please choose an InStock if you need a puzzle for Holiday delivery or call Stave at 802-295-5200.