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Off With Her Head!

Stave Puzzles: Off With Her Head!
Limited Edition

Limited Edition 50

Who doesn't remember that vivid scene from Alice in Wonderland in the Queen's garden? Playing card gardeners painting roses, a croquet game with live equipment, the Cheshire cat appearing; grin first, the Queen threatening to anyone who would listen!

You'll be perplexingly entertained solving riddles hidden with this puzzle. Help to paint the roses red, unscramble and sort out the word games, solve the rebus, and find the hidden code word.

Off With Her Head includes a Riddles & Games booklet that would make Lewis Carroll laugh his head off. Also, a beautiful collector's edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.


Size: 15" x 22"
400 pieces
full price: $3,995.00
web price: $3,595.00
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