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London Larceny

Stave Puzzles: London Larceny
Size: 12.5" x 9.5"
190 Pieces
Artist: Susan Berry
Designer: Steve Richardson
Full Price: $1,995.00
Web Price: $1,397.00
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"It was as if I'd discovered the Rosetta Stone when, last September, I uncovered a way to create a whole new genre of jigsaw puzzle. I had finally figured out how to design a Trick-like puzzle where one extra piece gives you two different arrangements of pieces. It was my Eureka moment." Steve Richardson, Chief Tormentor

Join the cops and robbers at Boggle Manor, and reveal the Sherlock in you. SWAP pieces to solve the puzzle AND the mystery!

The scene: Boggle Manor, a stately London mansion, where a gala is taking place inside four lovely rooms.
The crime: Scotland yard has been tipped off that London's notorious "Gang of 4" thieves has crashed the party in disguise. The intent?? To steal valuables, of course!
The rescue: Four London Bobbies hop into their police car and rush to Boggle Manor to nab the burglars. Will seeking out these shifty thieves, room by room, prove to be more than these clever cops can handle?
The puzzle, your Mission Impossible: Can you figure out which Bobby nabs which thief in which room and WHAT they were trying to steal? As the Bobbies arrive the rooms are occupied and the party is in full swing. Infiltrating the rooms one by one, each officer swiftly snags a swindler and loads them into the cop car to be hauled off to the slammer. Heroes that they are, the Bobbies then fit right into the party and point out to the unsuspecting guests the valuables that were about to be stolen.

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