In The Gourden

Teaser Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

75 Pieces

Size : 8" diameter

View Puzzle Teasers Rating - 3 out of 4

A different style of Teaser....Stave Touzzles!

Stave Puzzles introduces Touzzles, a new style in Teaser puzzling. We’ve removed the framework of the typical Teaser design, giving no clues as to which piece interlocks with another. How do you make order out of chaos? Begin with a tangled cluster of Teaser pieces and puzzle your way through the tousled mass until you can arrange them into a neat and orderly display.

This garden guardian overlooks an unruly patch of pumpkins, ripe for the picking. You’ll have to sort through this mass of vines to reap the fruits of his labor.

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Made-To-Order: This wooden jigsaw puzzle needs to be handcrafted by a skilled Stave artisan. Made to order puzzles may take 3-6 weeks to ship.

Product Reviews (1)

SR74 05/05/2024

Best Gourden Ever!

I could work in this gourden all day! This was an absolute delight to build! I love the Touzzles category, and this is a fantastic addition to the category. First build the inside traditional portion, and then expand your gourden outward. Look carefully when planting your pieces! I highly recommend this Teaser. It's challenging but not overwhelming.

Artist: Molly Delaney

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