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In A Pear Tree

Stave Puzzles: In A Pear Tree
Size: 10" x 16"
180 Pieces
Artist: Candy Thun
Full Price: $1,495.00
Web Price: $1,271.00
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In this hefty size puzzle, each day of Christmas is a separate little entity. Your holiday challenge is to figure out how all twelve puzzle verses cleverly nest together within the perplexing pear tree circle. Humming the tune might help.

We'll personalize this puzzle with up to nine names artistically written on the tree pot.


PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer crafting for holiday delivery. This puzzle will be crafted to ship in January 2020. If you need a puzzle right away, check out our InStock puzzles or call 802-295-5200.
Specify names to be artistically lettered on the tree pot (up to nine).