Good As Gold

Teaser Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

50 Pieces

Size : 6.75" x 7.75"

View Puzzle Teasers Rating - 3 out of 4

A different style of Teaser....Stave Touzzles!

Stave Puzzles introduces Touzzles, a new style in Teaser puzzling. We’ve removed the framework of the typical Teaser design, giving no clues as to which piece interlocks with another. How do you make order out of chaos? Begin with a tangled cluster of Teaser pieces and puzzle your way through the tousled mass until you can arrange them into a neat and orderly display.

If you dare to follow where the rainbow leads,
In the pursuit of your dreams, whatever they be,
Chase them with vigor and set your heart free.
Know that the truest reward isn't gold or fame,
It's the memories made, and the joy of the game.

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Product Reviews (2)

Susan M. 07/05/2024

Good As Gold

I’d be tempted to nudge this one up to 4 swords—it was more difficult for me than A World of Good, even though it was quite a bit smaller. I was definitely resisting turning the whole thing over to solve it using the wood grain!!

SR74 03/14/2024


This is a superb Teaser! It's an absolute blast to build. It falls within the Touzzle subcategory because instead of building a frame first and then placing Teaser pieces within, you build the center and then work outward. That's definitely a different type of challenge, and requires more mental flexibility. But seeing the end result on this one is sooo worth it! Highly recommend this if you're up for a challenge.

Artist: Christina Julian

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