Carlye's Cow

Treat Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

35 Pieces

Size : 4.5" x 6.5"

View Puzzle Treats Rating - 1 out of 4

The original puzzle in the Animal Kingdon Collection - Carlye’s Cow was made famous by the 1990 Smithsonian Magazine. Just 35 pieces that come together in an unexpected way. It’s harder than you think! Experience the same tricky puzzlement with all eight puzzles in the collection. Choose from a llama, panda, horse, pig, dog, cat, rabbit, or the original Carlye’s Cow.

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Product Reviews (3)

S.S. 01/20/2023

Great Fun!

Carlye's Cow was, without a doubt the absolute high point! She was thrilled to death about owning a Stave—even before she put it together. She did an admirable assembly job, too, but it was great fun watching her various attempts to solve the fourth generation mystery until she finally got it.

G.M. 01/20/2023

Great Puzzle

Maybe I just have a twisted mind or maybe I just like cows. Then again, maybe I was just in the right... eh hem... moo-d.

K.F. 01/20/2023

Fun Gift!

I bought it for my dad, whom I watched fumble with it for a week.

Artist: Carlye Klein

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