Traditional Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Step into the magic of Camelot with this captivating wooden jigsaw puzzle! This scene could be straight out of a fairytale book, depicting a medieval castle hidden within the mountains on a picturesque snow-filled winter evening. A royal celebration takes place outdoors, with vibrant tents nestled amongst evergreen pine trees. What's more enchanting is the addition of people from all walks of life coming together to enjoy the wintery weather – some skating around in circles on the ice, others gathering for a dance and some daring adventurers sledding down the hills! It truly is an astounding sight to see and will bring out your inner child as you piece together this jigsaw puzzle!

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Made-To-Order: This wooden jigsaw puzzle needs to be handcrafted by a skilled Stave artisan. Made to order puzzles may take 3-6 weeks to ship.

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J.L. 01/20/2023

Christmas Tradition

Large format, winter-themed Stave puzzles make for a great holiday tradition in our home. In early December the tree is decorated, the lights are in the windows, the wreath is on the door, and the Stave puzzle pieces are on the card table. During the course of the month, family members can't resist stopping at the table and putting in a few pieces. On Christmas Eve we celebrate the puzzle's completion with each of us putting our name pieces in place as the final five pieces! Thanks for making Camelot a part of our Christmas tradition.

Artist: Bill Bell

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